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The "World NGO Day" Initiative

Celebrate On 18th November 2012 & Sign The Online Petition

Did you know that there is no dedicated international day celebrating the work of NGOs and other civil society organisations?!

The "World NGO Day” is a global initiative which aims to secure passing of a UN resolution establishing an international day – to be held on the 18th of November every year - to Celebrate, Commemorate and Connect all Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organisations (charities, member associations, civil society organisations, chambers of commerce and other type of organisations) in recognition of the valuable work these organisations have done- and continue to do- for our society. The World NGO Day will be marked through local, regional and international events and projects to further enhance the role and capacity of NGOs to continue their vital activities and contribution.

We would like to invite you personally to celebrate with us worldwide on the 18th of November 2012 and sign the online petition. For a stronger, better and independent civil society worldwide, be part of history and help establish this international day. Your support will help us make sure the United Nations recognises this day officially. We are looking to get 1,000,000 people that care about the important work NGOs do worldwide, to sign our online petition and celebrate with us this year.

Let's Celebrate - World NGO Day brochure
Online Petition
World NGO Day website
World NGO Day Facebook page

Celebrating the World NGO Day can start by raising a glass with friends or holding a round table discussion with colleagues, for more ideas check our brochure and website. If you choose to celebrate the World NGO Day with us, please feel free to send your pictures, videos and other multi media files to us. It would be our pleasure to share them with our World NGO Day online community! Happy World NGO Day everyone!



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